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Quality First Real Estate

Quality First Real Estate, is a successful boutique brokerage that specializes in the San Diego market. We provide a broad array of real estate services including representing sellers in listings, buyers on the purchase of residential properties and investment opportunities, new development, and property management. Our accessible and experienced team members offer innovative solutions quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Service Second to None is our goal.

Quality First Real Estate 8885 RIO SAN DIEGO DRIVE #127 SAN DIEGO, CA 92108 619-667-3377
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    Bike the bay, San Diego
    8-28-16 7:00 am - Embarcadero Marine Park South
    Scenic Biking and other Fun Stuff!

    Bike the Bay is a long way out, but there's a reason for me posting it so early, and in two words, that reason is registration fees. The website for BTB can be found at the link below. Registration is only $45 now, but it gets a little more...

    Back to Basics: Photography using a Tripod, Prime Lens and Manual Settings
    8-28-16 7:00 am - Embarcadero Marine Park South
    Pacific Photographic Society

    Digital photography and Zoom Lenses are great because you can just fire away willy nilly knowing you can get thousands of shots on your memory card, and at least a few of the shots may or will be keepers. Though convenient this is a random...

    Bike the Bay
    8-28-16 7:00 am - Embarcadero Marine Park South
    Temecula Velo Cycling Club rare opportunity! Ride the bridge, Bike the Bay! On Sunday, August 28, 2016 cruise around the San Diego Bay and enjoy your only opportunity to ride across the San Diego...

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